iOS Version Timeline: Milestones Throughout The Years [Infographic]

It’s funny to me how we blast Apple for not being innovative anymore. For a company that has introduced 9 new hardware devices and 51 total iOS updates in five and a half years, they are certainly not getting credit for what they do. Apple is a proactive company, and one that is way more innovative than most technology companies that exist today. All we have to do is look at the iOS versions made available to us on a regular basis.

The features that have been introduced in all of the iOS version updates could possibly be far more important than the hardware updates we see every two years or so. The hardware updates make more powerful software features, so maybe the incremental hardware upgrades aren’t that lousy after all. I know most of us think Apple has taken a more laid back approach to innovation since Steve Jobs left; however, I don’t believe it’s to the point where we should think they are not innovating at all.

Just have a look at the iOS version milestones presented in this fresh infographic from Kinvey (design by Angelina), and you will quickly realize that what Apple is producing is quite innovative. A button here and there, some bug fixes, and a few new apps every now and then might not look or feel like much, but ask yourself this instead, what does a whole new feature on your iPhone mean to you? Imagine it being a feature that makes your work a whole lot simpler, more time optimized and straightforward. Doesn’t that count as innovative?

I can somewhat relate to the insignificant visual impact coding can have on a site since I create features for Bit Rebels on a daily basis. On the outside, it might not look like much. But the optimization these features bring allow everyone here at Bit Rebels to perform at their highest ability, and wasted time is cut to a minimum.

This infographic called iOS Version History: A Visual Timeline is quite impressive once you start looking at the whole body of upgrades that have been injected into our iPhones over just five and a half years. Isn’t that enough to still call Apple one of the most innovative technology companies on the planet?

Kinvey’s iOS Version Update Timeline

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