iPad Sprocket: The iPad Makes A Great Brake Light

There are many uses for an iPad, some which you may not have thought of. Sure, it has apps for pretty much everything that you can imagine, yet it seems people don’t care about that fact. They care more about just having the little bundle of pure magic. You can play on it, you can do pretty much everything at the office on it, you can even use it as a control station for your car audio system (we saw a nice example of that right after it was released from Sound Man). But, what we haven’t seen yet is it’s public use.

So what do I mean with “public?” Well, I’m not talking about bringing it to Starbucks and working there or taking it to the beach to have something to read while getting fried in the sun. Nah, I mean a more public endeavor. Such genius inventions are hard to find, but I managed to stumble across something that might catch your interest.

It’s the “iPad Sprocket Pocket” from Maya. So, what is a Sprocket? It’s a back pocket with a window where you can put your iPad to share it’s awesomeness with the public. In this case, it’s more of a security application for bikers. The iPad accelerometer will detect whether you are turning, stopping, changing directions, etc…

It’s the ultimate gadget for any biker to have. Even when you are stopping, the iPad will alert the vehicles that are coming up behind you that you are about to stop and they should adjust to your slow down.

The best part about this entirely new way of using the iPad is that you can do it all yourself. You can just download the templates from their site. Assemble your pocket on your favorite biking jacket. Then just download the Sprocket software from the App Store and you are set to go. Now you will never again be a hazard in traffic and pretty much everyone around you will notice you, especially at night. If this isn’t the ultimate biker geek gadget I don’t know what is… Oh, and you get to show off your iPad which probably is the most important part, right?!

Download Template Right HERE!