iPhone 3GS | X-Rayed

Ever wondered what the iPhone look like inside that beautiful cover? Well, now you can check it out through a fresh and much revealing x-ray scan. It looks like it holds some pretty cool technology in there and the space they have managed to shrink it down to is just astounding. When I use my iPhone I always take it for granted that all of these great functions and features are there. But what about the people that actually came up with the chip design? The people that shrunk these components into this slick package of awesomeness?

Well, it’s safe to say that the iPhone packs some true and genius technology solving. I can’t but wonder what our own Mr. Woz (Steve Wozniak) think of this technology. After all, he was the father of the first Apple computer chip and design. He must be all amazed by how far and small things have gotten since the transistors he and Steve Jobs started plugging to those early chip sets.

Behold, this is the no sensored look at what’s under the cover of an iPhone 3GS.