iPhone 5 Commercial: If It Had A Transparent Screen

So we didn’t get the iPhone 5 this time around either. A lot of people expected it to be announced during the last Apple keynote, but Apple decided to hold off once again. Are they buying time or are they just making sure that this new incarnation of the iPhone is way ahead of its competitors in order to honor the ingenuity that Steve Jobs stood for when he was still around to keep an eye on things? These are things that we just don’t know until the iPhone 5 is actually announced. Sources have said though that compared to what other competitors are doing, the iPhone 5 is way ahead in technology and features. Is it once again just hype? We don’t know.

As the world keeps waiting for a slight glimmer of proof that there actually is an iPhone 5 in development, designers around the world are trying to piece together concept art iPhone 5s in order to fool, push or impress the world into believing that theirs is the legit slip of the tongue “leak” from Apple. I think we have all gotten way better at discovering a fake iPhone when we see one, and most concept renderings have been dismissed as just that.

In a new commercial for the iPhone 5, a clever and honestly quite appealing iPhone 5 makes its introduction. It is a commercial that will make most people drool for sure. This particular concept is an all transparent iPhone that gives the whole user interface a way more straight forward feel when it comes to photography and usage in general. But it is also one step closer to making texting, apping and working a whole lot more safe for pedestrians who otherwise wouldn’t be able to focus on what was ahead of them. We have seen examples of that with the girl who was texting on her smartphone while walking in a shopping mall, and she fell into the indoor fountain. Is this something that Apple could implement in the future? We’ll just have to wait and see. This video was uploaded by AdneyFilms, and it is a great example of the direction user interfaces might head in the future.


Via: [DVICE]