iPhone 8 Hands-On With A Prototype Is Here To Dazzle Your Brains

While you are still getting used to your iPhone 7 Plus, the people at Apple are racking their brains to create the next generation of iPhones that will be even more amazing. As is the case with the release of every version of the iPhone, there are plenty of speculations regarding the look and features of the new device. The folks at Unbox Therapy have been able to pull together a likely iPhone 8 prototype model of the upcoming iPhone, based on the predictions by professionals and leaks that are doing the rounds.

We present to you the newest member of the iPhone family, its official name is not out yet but for the sake of convenience, we will call it the iPhone 8. [pullquote]This prototype of the iPhone 8 reveals some promising features and possibilities.[/pullquote]

First of all, the biggest step up from the iPhone 7 is the screen to body ratio. It is extremely likely that the next version will have a screen that spans almost the entire length of the device. The area reserved at the bottom of the iPhone 7 for the Home button will be gone, and, most likely, a fingerprint sensor will replace the functionality of the button. Well, according to the professionals the fingerprint senser will be replaced with a face recognition feature. We think this is highly unlikely, though.

This means that the screen will be approximately 1 inch bigger, even though the size of the phone remains the same as that of its predecessor. Chances are that even the front camera will be hidden behind the screen! If the predictions are to be believed, the future holds the promise of a gigantic display.

On the downside, the thickness of the device remains the same, which means that in all likelihood, the lightning port is not going to be replaced by a USB Type-C port. Also, the chances of the introduction of a headphone jack seem bleak at the moment. However, there is no need for dismay because Apple has some fascinating tricks up its sleeve!

The positioning of the cameras at the back has changed and the vertical dual camera setup will now have a flash in the center. This new setup will ensure a faster autofocus time, no more arm aches for the users! It is also believed that the iPhone 8 will have an all glass body with stainless steel at the rim. What this means is that this phone might support wireless charging, some groundbreaking stuff indeed!

Furthermore, an OLED display will bring the graphics to life with more vibrant colors, while the improved resolution of 2800X1242 will add to the beauty of the massive screen. These marvelous iPhone 8 features will make your iPhone 7 die with shame!

If the iPhone 8 hands-on with a model prototype is so amazing, we can’t wait to find out what the real deal will be like. These fabulous iPhone 8 features are definitely a vast improvement on the previous models and may even attract the Android lovers with their charm. We hope that Apple releases the next model soon, although even the thought of buying another iPhone makes our bank accounts run dry. If only the geniuses at Apple could also work on making the iPhones more affordable!

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iPhone 8 Hands-On With A Prototype Is Here To Dazzle Your Brains

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