Innovative iPhone Case Will Find Your Lost Items In A Jiffy

How many times have you found yourself scrambling to find your keys before leaving home? How many times have you wanted to shout profanities just because you couldn’t find the remote right when your favorite show was starting? I bet a lot of you know what I mean when I ask these questions, and we have all been wishing for a simple solution that would render these moments gone. We can all be thankful that the world is filled with innovators and people who like to solve problems because recently the BiKN iPhone case was announced. It’s an innovative case that will find your lost items in a jiffy. It’s one of those iPhone cases that none of us can live without, especially when you start thinking about all the time you can save with it.

The BiKN was conceptualized and developed by BiKN Design, LLC and has some rather unique technology incorporated, at least if you compare it to your usual iPhone case. In collaboration with an iPhone app, the case transmits low-power radio waves to locate your lost items. The tags that accompany the case are low-weight and easy to attach to whatever you like. This solution will make sure you never again get annoyed by not being able to find your lost items.

It’s a great solution, there’s no doubt about that, but what does it cost? The standard and basic kit which contains the app, case and two tags sells for $129.99 over at Treehouse Labs. There are a lot of different color combinations you can choose from, and you can even design your very own. What thrills me most about this iPhone case is that it’s such a time optimizer. Unfortunately, the case is just for the iPhone 4/S right now. I am sure that BiKN Design, LLC is working on an iPhone 5 case, but for now you will have to wait a while for it. For all you iPhone 4/S users though, there couldn’t be a more useful iPhone case than the BiKN.

BiKN Design LLC’s Lost Items iPhone Case