Future iPhone Concept Makes Sci-Fi Features Look Plausible

There are a bunch of rumors going around these days about what features might make it into the new iPhone. Some people say that it will be yet another incremental upgrade called iPhone 5S, but who knows, right? Some of the features rumored to make it into the new iPhone include NFC capabilities, and even the ability to charge your smartphone wirelessly. But it’s the iPhone concept designs that really grab our attention with their ingenuity and innovation that border on science fiction.

A lot of people are probably getting tired of all the iPhone concept designs being thrown around all the time. However, it’s in these designs that we see progress and features that might one day make it into our iPhones, or whatever smartphone we might use. The iPhone concept designs have somewhat taken over the Internet when it comes to concept smartphones. The features have become almost otherworldly, and we tend to brush them off as nothing other than just another iPhone concept design.

Maybe we shouldn’t brush them off so fast. The speed of the technology evolution impresses us on a daily basis, and each year there is something completely new that we haven’t seen before. So why wouldn’t one or more of these iPhone concept features one day make it into our smartphones? Sure, maybe they don’t make much sense, but there are already technologies that can support these features.

For example, we have the Displair holographic display, the laser keyboard we already know about, and when it comes to the slimness of our phones, we all know how impressed we were when we saw the MacBook Air for the first time. Greater miracles than that have been seen, right?

This new iPhone concept design was created by Aatma Studio, and it is a rare look at some of the plausible features that we might one day actually see in an iPhone or other smartphone. For now it’s just an iPhone concept design, but if we look at the development of smartphones over the last five years, this iPhone concept doesn’t seem that otherworldly anymore, does it?

Future iPhone Concept Design – Plausible Features