iPhone Glasses Enable A Virtual Personal Movie Screen

iPhone accessories, or rather, Apple accessories keep flooding the market, but in a good way. Some are purely for cosmetic purposes, while others have a more profound usefulness. The idea is of course that we should all be able to customize our smartphones however we want. The sad thing is that pretty much 75% of all the Apple 3rd party accessories are just cases. They are cases that have no other purpose than just a cosmetic customization and appeal, but there are accessories that have a useful aspect to them. One such example, and a quirky one to say the least, are these uber futuristic 60-inch virtual video screen iPhone glasses. You have to agree that they look pretty pimpin’ and could possibly make for a pretty awesome movie experience.

These iPhone glasses, as they have been dubbed by the design community, will actually connect to all your idevices. Whether it is an iPad, iPod or an iPhone, this thing will give you a video experience that you will never forget. These iPhone glasses are made available by a number of stores around the world and are going for around §110-$140.

I should point out that these iPhone glasses do not work with games – only movies and video. It will present a virtual screen equivalent to a 60-inch screen placed 2 meters away from you. That’s pretty impressive and would make for a more immersing movie experience if anything. The iPhone glasses plug into your idevice through the USB connection located on the iPhone glasses, which makes it easy to connect them to whatever idevice you would like to use. The glasses will last about 50,000 hours (a considerable amount of time when converted into number of movies), which of course is a lot for the price they go for. I guess we are in the future after all, and these iPhone glasses make for a pretty cool idevice accessory if you ask me. I still have to try them out when I get a chance to to give a full assessment of the product itself. However, the stats and the look of them intrigue me to say the least.

60-Inch Virtual Video iPhone Glasses





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    Dinesh Wadhwani 9 years

    Is the focus for each eye adjustable for people who wear prescription glasses? Looks like I would have to remove my glasses to use this device.