iPhone NG: It’s All In The Palm Of Your Hand!

Everyone knows that designers (especially the render kind of artist) are trigger happy to make the next generation iPhone to spread on the Internet. It’s a fun and interesting way to throw ideas and concepts around that hint at the future. Sure, it may seem like a long shot that anyone over at Apple would actually take these ideas to the highest level for consideration, but the thought is to make you think one step further. After all, we are awaiting something radical and new to come around the corner, so why not spread some ideas right?

Designer Samuel Lee Kwon has taken the iPhone to a level we have never seen before. The idea is to skip the bulky phone all together, make it into a small wrist worn gadget, and project the screen onto the palm of your hand. It isn’t such a bad idea. I actually simulated the way it would work, and I have already come across a flaw, unfortunately. Try holding your hand open and as straight as you can for any lengthy period of time, and you’ll notice a slight strain. It’s not too much, but enough to make it feel quite uncomfortable.

The idea is futuristic enough for me celebrate it, and I wouldn’t mind trying one out for real if it ever becomes a reality. The idea itself isn’t too shabby either, if you ask me. It’s clean, straight forward and has the customary Apple logo in plain view of course. However, I don’t get that Apple feel for some reason. Is it just me, or is it only Apple who can deliver that?