Smart Plus: The Multimedia Computer That Does… Everything!

We are all too familiar with new concepts and ideas when it comes to niche gadgets with focused uses such as cellphones, projectors and remotes. However, what if we could bundle all that into one uber cool gadget that would handle everything we need to take care of on a daily basis? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate gadget to have? It’s really not that easy, but there sure are people out there that are inspired to figure it out. Usually when we see products that try to take on everything they fall short in some areas, like the uses themselves.

But there are, of course, some rather interesting concepts out there that really get it. One of those designs is conceptualized by designer Eunggyu Lee who has managed to bundle our every day gadgets into one awesome media station/computer device, or, actually it’s built up of several devices that are all interconnected. The smaller gadgets use the computer as a base station to build intelligence through it.

The entire concept is built up of a main computer, remote, cellphone and projector. If you have old cellphones laying around at home, you can even plug them in and use their CPU as additional processing power. What’s really awesome about this design is that the keyboard is slightly bent at the top end which holds the projector. This means that when you activate it and want to watch a presentation or a movie, you get the picture snugly projected on the wall in front of you in the perfect spot. No more trying to place it just right, stacked on books, or whatever we use to align it to our preferred height. Will it become reality? Well, only time will tell.