iPhone OS 4.0 To Include Gmail Archive Feature In Mail App

Millions of people use Gmail each and every day. It’s a highly enhanced and easy to use interface and its availability makes it one of the best email services online. However, it wasn’t long ago that Gmail wasn’t available anywhere except on your computer when you were logged into the Internet with a browser. Well, times have changed and it is now as easy to access as any POP based email service. However, there are still a few things that need to be looked at and taken care of in order to get it up to par with regular server POP email, and that is what exactly what Apple is doing.

It has surfaced that on the next generation OS (iPhone OS 4), the email app included will have a new way of archiving emails from Gmail. This makes it all so much easier to handle and maintain. With a simple swipe (just like if you were to delete an email), there will be a button that comes up called “Archive” which will enable you to easily click to archive your email.

This new feature goes hand in hand with the new unified feature Apple is bringing into the new OS, and it will be great for keeping your inbox organized and clean. It’s not mentioned if clicking the edit button will allow you to archive multiple messages instead of just one. Also, it’s not clear if the archive feature will be enabled if you setup your account as a Gmail account or if it will only work when you set it up using your Microsoft Exchange Activesync. I guess there will be more details about all this in a few weeks when the developers now trying out the iPhone OS 4 Beta 2 will know more about this new feature.