iPhone Sensors That Can Smell Bad Breath & Illness

I’ve written about a few gadgets that supposedly help people with the embarrassing problem of bad breath. When you’re talking to someone for the first time, there is really nothing that is more of a turn-off in every way than bad breath. Most of the gadgets that are designed help detect bad breath are gimmicky, and I have yet to see one that would offer real assistance with this problem, until today. It seems as if soon our iPhones (with smelling iPhone sensors) will detect bad breath and other things, like illness and disease.

That’s right, soon our smartphones will be able to smell too. They will be like mini-human beings in our pockets. A company called Adamant Technologies is working on a series of tiny sensors for the iPhone which will allow it to digitize smells. These iPhone sensors will be able to smell better then you. The human nose has 400 sensors to detect smells. This series of iPhone sensors will have 2,000, which means your iPhone will be able to detect smells with the accuracy of a dog’s nose.

This device will be able to not only detect your bad breath, but even tell you what caused it (nice!). It will also act as a breathalyzer, and be able to detect medical problems based on smells. It will be able to be used in collaboration with medical equipment for all kinds of different applications. When this becomes available, it will be in the form of a small device that plugs into your iPhone. It will cost $100 or less. There’s only one question left to ask. Would you pay $100 or less for an iPhone sensor device to alert you if you have bad breath and to tell you what caused it?

Soon We’ll Have iPhone Sensors Which Will Analyze Our Smells


Via: [Design Taxi] [Business Insider] Image Credits: [LouisvilleKy.gov]