iPhone’s Secret Warranty Ending Indicators

As the iPhone is quite new and is still being one of the most feature packed cell phones on the market there are still features leaking out that I think Apple didn’t want us to know about. At least not all of us. It’s no secret that the iPhone has had its share of bumps in the road when it comes to applications, battery explosions and what not. Much like Microsoft’s Xbox which during Christmas had it’s warranty revoked if the game station was damaged by putting it vertical or even when the games themselves where damaged while moving the Xbox while it was still running.

This doesn’t really help their reputation for being an all out customer friendly company more than that they really just want your hard earned money to be able to research and develop their next “genius” device that we all NEED to purchase in order to be able to continue life as it’s meant to be lived…according to Apple.

Now, there are several support/warranty indicators that will be triggered if things happen to the iPhone that the warranty doesn’t cover. One of those is the “Water Indicator” which will be triggered as soon as the iPhone comes in contact with water. Even if it’s just a drop of rain finding it’s way inside the “bulletproof” cover. There has been countless reports of people bringing their malfunctioning iPhone’s to the support only to be welcomed by the phrase -“There is moisture in your iPhone and this doesn’t cover the warranty”.

Usually you can do nothing else than to take your malfunctioning iPhone back with you home and hope it will straighten itself out. If you ask me it’s a crappy deal that I hope they will soon make sure to sort out. After all, they are the ones constructing the iPhone, shouldn’t they then make sure water CAN’T find itself in there if in small amounts like rain?

So, how do you know if this indicator is triggered then? Well, watch the following clip and just check your own iPhone. If the light you’re seeing is “White”, you’re in the clear and your iPhone is perfectly fine and warranty is still in place. If the light however is “Pink”…well, you’re doomed and you shouldn’t even be bothered going to the customer support to get them to help you fix it. Chances are in favor of they won’t and will just send you home with the usual depressing words they usually use. -“Your warranty has expired so sorry we can’t help you. Sorry!”