(i)Pirate Board Game: An iPhone World Interactivity Activated

There are a lot of really cool apps and games out there that really utilize pretty much every feature that the iPhone has to offer.  With the invention of new features, I am sure that the iPhone will become even more interesting when it comes to apps that interact with the real world.  However, until we see those new features, there are still some features that will do pretty amazing things.  They do so by collaborating together to create a set of new tools to play with.  No longer are you held back by the touchscreen or the iPhone user interface.  The iPhone can now interact with the real world (or at least simulate it) and the objects around it.

The (i)Pirate board game is a brilliant example of that.  It utilizes the iPhone and it’s features to create an even more interesting interactive experience where the iPhone itself becomes a part of the game.  It somewhat becomes aware of its surroundings.  And, if you have a bunch of players, the iPhones will talk to each other knowing exactly where your enemy’s position is.

This makes for really interesting game play where you can interact with the board and the players around you.  So if you were to end up head-to-head with an enemy, his ship will show up on your screen for you guys to battle it out.  I wish there were more games like this since it shortens the gap between the virtual world and the real world.  I can’t wait to see what people are going to do with this way of using the resources that the iPhone provides.  Yarr!

iPhone Pirate Board Game App

iPhone Pirate Board Game App