iPod Touch for Kids?

Yesterday someone tweeted my eight year old son and asked his opinion of the iPod Touch. This person was considering buying an iPod for her three year old, and she wanted Henry’s opinion from a child’s perspective. As I watched him tweet his review, I asked myself, “How young is too young for children to begin their journey into technology?”

According to https://www.iphoneandkids.com, the youngest iPod Touch owner is one year old. Although, at that age, I’d like to warn you of the slobber factor. This website diplomatically breaks down the pros and cons of purchasing your youngster his or her own iPod Touch:

1. Similarly to a Nintendo DS, the iPod Touch can be a lifesaver in restaurants, while waiting in line, or anytime your child would like some entertainment.
2. The iPod Touch is a great video playback device, much more convenient than other options.
3. Mom and Dad can borrow it anytime.
4. With the audio playback feature, children can playback and dance to their favorite music anytime!

1. Children lose things easily, and losing their iPod Touch could be a big deal.
2. The iPod Touch can cause nausea while used in the car because you look down to see the screen instead of looking up straight.
3. There seems to be a lack of educational apps (although I personally like the Math app).
4. An iPod is somewhat fragile, and can be broken if not kid proofed.

After reviewing the available apps myself, I’ve determined that the Art, Music and Storybook apps are really well done. This website even includes a list of 5 tips for making your iPhone/iTouch kid proof.

At the end of the day, I think it is a personal decision, the same as the decision to allow our children watch TV or access the internet. I’ve decided that with the proper supervision, I will allow Henry to play more frequently with my iPod Touch. Will I buy him one of his own? Probably not.