Iron Man 3 To Be Screened In 4D Experience In Japan

It seems everyone is gearing up for the next installment of the Iron Man franchise. Iron Man has become synonymous with technology and epic action, so no wonder people are looking forward to these box office breakers. Ever since James Cameron brought us Avatar in 3D, we have seen an insane adaption of the format. We are already seeing increased adaptations of the 4D experience even though the 3D experience was only launched a few years back.

Korona World Group just announced that 12 selected theaters owned by the company will screen the new Iron Man 3 movie in the 4DX format. Moviegoers have always looked forward to being more immersed in their movie experience, and this format will certainly make that a possibility. The 4D experience will treat moviegoers to real time effects such as blowing winds, fog, tilting seats and scents as they watch the movie.

Korona World Group committed themselves to bringing a minimum of 12 4D experience movies per year to their theaters. They have even said that the 4D experience will be exported to the United States this year. Where these locations will spring up is so far not known, but the fact that this new format is about to hit us right in the face, literally, is as exciting as watching a 3D movie for the very first time.

If you’re wondering just how the 4D experience will feel when you watch a movie in this format then you totally have to watch this promotional video that Korona World Group uses to present their 4D experience to the world. Be prepared to embrace yourself, the silver screen is about to become the silver reality in an instant. It has to be said, what better movie could be used to make this format the next popular movie format than Iron Man 3, right? I am sure when this format is available in most theaters, we will all have quite a movie experience to look forward.

Korona World Group’s 4D Experience Movie



Via: [psfk]