Is This The Most Apple:ified Mercedes-Benz Ever?

I don’t think I am mistaken when I say I know you like computers. Maybe you even fan them to the extent that you can’t stand something called a PC, or you hate the Apple logo like you hate the expiration date on that gallon of milk in your fridge. We all have our favorite brands of computers, and we usually prefer what is most useful for us in our line of work or hobby. However, how far are we ready to go to get our geekiness satisfied? I guess our wallet is the only thing that determines that.

The guys at Brabus certainly didn’t spare any expense when building one of the illest cars I have ever seen. With a Mercedes-Benz S-Class as the platform, they created something they call “iBusiness“. If you think Apple has something to do with it, you are entirely correct. They are not a sponsor, they are an inspiration source and gadget supplier.

So what did the people at Brabus manage to install in this badboy? Well, pretty much everything that has come out of the secret halls of the Apple corporation. A MacMini is installed in an electrically operated tray located in the trunk. It feeds to a foldable LCD video display in the ceiling. A multi-channel surround system makes sure you will be blown away by the special effects of the movie you’re watching. Dual iPads can be used with Apple keyboards for work, and they can also be used to control the Mercedes-Benz COMAND system. It will allow you to control everything from the navigation system to the climate control. And, if you think you would be out in the cold with no Internet connection you’re wrong, the entire installation connects to the Internet with a 3G connection.

Now what does this package cost? If you can afford buying the Mercedes-Benz to start with, you sure don’t need to even ask that question. It’s a heck of a build!