QR Fridge Magnets Keeps Track Of Your Food’s Expiration Dates

One of the most annoying things that can happen to us during our morning routine is finding expired food in the fridge. There is nothing more frustrating than that, especially when we’re in a hurry and most importantly, hungry! Up until now, all we can do is pretty much keep tabs on the expiration dates ourselves, but with a new concept, known as QR Fridge Magnets, we now have a visual overview of the food’s expiration dates.

I don’t know how many times in the last three months I have bought stuff and put it in the fridge, only to find myself ordering take out due to no time to prepare and eat what’s in the fridge. There is so much that always comes in between that home cooked dinner that the expiration dates feel more like a race with time. For me, the fast food places have become the evil or the bane in my life as I am working pretty much 24/7.

However, the QR Fridge Magnets could change that. They are a nifty little innovation that could come to change the way we keep track of our foods expiration dates in our refrigerators. The magnets are a combination of a tiny computer and some sort of screen that with a simple swipe over the QR code located on the food will reset itself and start a timer. The timer will keep track of the food’s expiration date and with a color system will tell you when the food you scanned has expired.

There are basically 4 different color codes. Gray means it is an idle and not yet used QR Fridge Magnet. Green means the food is perfectly fine to consume. Orange means that the food scanned is alright to eat but is about to expire. Red, as you might have figured out, means that the food has expired and should be tossed out.

These QR Fridge Magnets, are so far just a concept, but if realized they could very well make our eating habits and health a whole lot more optimized. No more finding out that our food has expired by sniffing or tasting it. All you need to do is look at the QR Fridge Magnets, and you’ll know. They are so easy to read due to the color codes that even a child can see and determine what is safe to eat, which makes these fridge magnets even more optimized – Design by Hu Yaxing, Chen Zhipeng, Liao Haibo & Tang Yigang.

Innovative Food Expiration QR Encoded Fridge Magnets

QR Code Fridge Magnets

QR Code Fridge Magnets

QR Code Fridge Magnets

Via: [Yanko Design]