It’s Here! Your Own Personal Hovercraft

Since I’m a huge Science Fiction fan, I always knew someday we’d all own our own personal hovercrafts, I just didn’t know they’d look like unicycles.

The U3-X from Honda is a bizarre looking futuristic hovercraft. According to, “What makes the U3-X particularly interesting is it has the regular large wheel of a unicycle, but that wheel is actually made up of several small wheels in a series, which can rotate independently, meaning that the device can go forward, backward, side-to-side and diagonally, all being controlled with a simple lean.”

Officially, this bizarre and uncomfortable looking bowling pin shaped machine is called a “mobility unit.” As you’ll see in the video, they do address what is probably obvious to everyone, “Isn’t it unhealthy for people to get even less exercise than they already do while riding around in their homes on this machine?” It appears that is of no concern as Honda begins production of these units. No word yet on exactly when they will be available to the public.