iTar: Convert Your iPad Into A Real Guitar & Much More

The gadgets that Apple launches always have a primary use, but fans of the Apple brand have always found ways to push more things into their already feature-packed gadgets. It’s not by coincidence that Apple keeps on giving their users the tools to create their own stuff to enhance their products. It’s a great way to add value to a product even after the product has been released and marketed. This allows us to enjoy new features without having to wait for Apple to decide what would be a good fit for their customers. Usually it’s almost impossible to give everyone what they want if the feature park is decided by the company that makes the product. This way, the product or service stays fresh a whole lot longer.

The iPhone and iPad are brilliant examples of that (without sounding like a fanboy). The iPad in particular has been the focal point for many developers when it comes to larger devices that fit into an already existing product. One such product is of course the guitar. We have seen a slew of applications that have tried to mimic the sound and the way you play a guitar; however, very few have gone the length necessary to make it feel cool enough to actually use it.

Starr Labs has produced guitars for ages, and their models range from synthesizer guitars to plain and simple acoustic guitars. Ever since Harvey Starr played around with the iPad, a new breed of guitars has been brewing in his head. The new product that they are about to launch is called the iTar, and it is a moddable iPad guitar that has many different instruments as you can imagine. It comes with a guitar-like look and feel and the guitar itself, meaning the iPad, has boatloads of different looks and applications to switch up the sound. Now the only thing that is left is your own creativity. With all this power at your fingertips, what are you going to use it for?

iTar Guitar iPad Mod Concept

iTar Guitar iPad Mod Concept

Via: [Kickstarter]