Jacket Cooling System For Hot Summer Days

Having just come back from my vacation and an almost unbearable hot beach week I am in need of colder days. Perhaps you are enduring the same dilemma right now. You have been looking forward to the summer all year, and now when it’s here, you complain about the heat. That’s pretty much the norm for most people. Don’t sweat it! There is a solution to our problem, and it is called the Jacket Cooling System.

The creator of this ingenious¬†project is Tajima, and they are somewhat experts on the subject. They have previously released cooling headgear that has received rave reviews. This time around it’s a cooling system that will take you from overheating to chilled in a matter of seconds. [pullquote]The apparatus is insanely simple to put on and is incredibly powerful.[/pullquote] There are of course other cooling solutions that inventors have tried to launch, however, Tajima is a trusted brand.

By the looks of it, the jacket cooling system is aimed at people working in hot environments. For example, if you are working in cramped environments with little air flow that makes it heat up quickly.

My first thought when I saw it was that it somewhat resembles a miniature leafblower. The device is mounted on your back by clamping it to your accessory belt. Once turned on your jacket will be pumped with cold air and you will stay chilled for hours. 8.5 hours to be exact. In combination with their headgear cooling system, you will stay chilled throughout your entire body for hours on end. Well, perhaps not your legs and feet, however, those parts of your body rarely heat up anyways, right?

It might not be the latest wardrobe fashion, and you will look like a retro superhero wearing it. But what does that matter when it keeps you chilled?

The price is set to $323.00 and can be ordered through the popular Japan Trend Shop. So, if you’re constantly overheating, then this might be your solution. What do you think? Is this something that you would sport on a hot summer day? Let us know in the comment section below.

Tajima Jacket Cooling System For Hot Days

Tajima Jacket Cooling System

Tajima Jacket Cooling System

Tajima Jacket Cooling System