Jeff Bezos Shows Off His Moves In A Life-Size Mech Robot Suit

Who says grown-ups don’t like their toys? No one can say no to a cool piece of technology, and when it is the owner of a multi-billion enterprise, then the fancier the gadgets, the better. Take the example of Jeff Bezos; business is flourishing at, so he needs other ways to entertain himself. How about a 13 feet tall mech robot suit? Anyone can be a super villain with this bad boy. Designed by Hankook Mirae Technology from Korea, this behemoth was showcased at Amazon’s MARS conference and the CEO of Amazon couldn’t resist testing it out himself.

Although we can’t be sure if this robot can walk but it can definitely move its arms about, imitating the wearer’s actions. Jeff seems to be used to ruling the world by now, what with his company occupying a major share of the markets. His dominance is moving to more dangerous spheres now, and he looks ready to conquer the planet in his high-tech armor. Look at Jeff smile from ear to ear as the Method-2 robot mimics each motion of his hands. Do we see an evil plan concocting in his brilliant mind? We sure hope not, or we are in for some trouble!

[pullquote]With these robot suits hitting the market, we urgently need a Spiderman or Batman to keep the mischief makers at bay.[/pullquote] There should be a thorough background check before someone is allowed to purchase these steel giants. If in the wrong hands, these mech robot suits could be the recipe for disaster. It is a relief to know that these mech suits are estimated to be priced at a few million dollars; at least they won’t be accessible to the common thugs and robbers! If the top-notch Korean engineers come out with a low-cost option then the days of robotic arms snatching purses from pedestrians are not far away. These robot suits need to come with a rulebook for ethical usage instead of an instruction manual!

If used for the right purposes though, a mech robot suit can prove extremely useful in accelerating industrial development and restoring disaster-stricken areas. There are several ways in which their mechanical strength can help humanity, although it is hard to picture how they can be up to any good when their movie counterparts are always busy destroying cities and taking innocent lives. Perhaps it is time to stop watching those movies and start studying the science that goes behind constructing these marvels of technology.

Who wouldn’t feel like a God, sitting inside a seemingly indestructible robot suit that looms over the population and blindly obeys your commands? Some may say that it is a breach of the laws of nature but we are sure that most would like to give this sophisticated toy a shot. Whether this invention impresses you or not, chances are that you cannot afford it anyway unless the kind Jeff Bezos decides to sell it on Amazon at a heavily discounted price. After all, we would much prefer that Jeff sticks with cardboard boxes and bubble wrap instead of going over to the dark side! – Find more awesome robot related stuff here.

Jeff Bezos Trying Out A Mech Robot Suit

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