Hyperkin Smart Boy Turns Your Android Phone Into A Game Boy

If you are an Android smartphone user and like gaming then this accessory is perfect for you. It will allow you to turn your Android smartphone into a Game Boy. How does that sound? Pretty cool, right? You can do it by using the soon to be released Hyperkin Smart Boy. It’s a new smartphone accessory currently in development. There are many reasons why this should excite you and we are going to take a look at some of them in this article.

First off, the Hyperkin Smart Boy is in development, however, you can pre-order yours on their website. The retail price for this awesome accessory will be $59.99. An acceptable price for a gadget that will bring life back into your Game Boy cartridge collection.

The Smart Boy is set for release December 1st and is compatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges. What’s even cooler, and that I have personally never seen before, is that Hyperkin is offering a royalty percentage – of retail-ready Smart Boy units sold – to anyone that can improve the Smart Boy’s serial app and firmware. That should be incentive enough to get developers interested in the device.

Some of the Smart Boy’s features are a classic handheld-style tactile button set and double-sided micro USB port. After having seen photos of this quite intriguing accessory I now want to get myself an Android smartphone.  Yeah, I am one of those pesky iPhone users and have been since the 3G model. Perhaps it’s time to try something new, or?

[pullquote]All you basically have to do is to slide your phone into the Smart Boy, inject a Game Boy cartridge and start playing.[/pullquote] That’s exactly how I remember the Game Boy. If that is not retro I honestly don’t know what is.

Check out their Smart Boy website to learn more about it. It is bound to be one that you will hear a lot about come December. In the meantime, let us know in the comment section below what you think about it. Is this something that will add extra cred to your Android smartphone?

Hyperkin Smart Boy Android Gaming Device

Hyperkin Smart Boy Android Accessory

Hyperkin Smart Boy Android Accessory

Hyperkin Smart Boy Android Accessory

Hyperkin Smart Boy Android Accessory