John’s Phone: When Dumb Becomes The New Smart!

The speed at which we see new technology developing is getting ever faster. It’s both inspiring and dangerous and the reasons for both are many. I am sure I could sit here all day debating with someone who doesn’t like technology why new gadgets are wonderful and also why they are not. I could also sit here two years from now and say the same thing cause it never seems to change. With every new gadget that is released to the market we get more and more people that fall behind on current technology. Why? Because they don’t have the skills or the interest to learn or purchase it. This is potentially dangerous since these people will most likely have a harder time finding a satisfactory job or even finding a job at all in the future due to their lack of technology knowledge, especially if they are young.

However, that’s exactly when the wonderful store of John’s comes to the rescue. That’s why John’s is going to become quite successful. They have created the worlds “dumbest” (simplest) phone aimed at people who don’t need fancy touch screens, voice controlled playlists, FaceTime, etc… If we can bridge the gap between people who don’t like the advanced technology of today and the expert gadgets that we see on the market every day, we will be way better off in the future.

This new phone from John’s is called (conveniently) John’s Phone, and it has just about enough features for you to call someone, scribble your numbers on a notepad and raise the volume. Why would you need anything more, right? It’s the definition of when dumb becomes the new smart. It comes in 5 different colors (snow, tree, sweet, business and grass) and costs between €69,95 and €79,95. So if you’re sick of always trying to stay up to date with your cell phone and would like a simpler more time saving lifestyle, then I suggest you get one of these. Set a new trend, and make people envy you cause you’re the calmest kid on the block. But then again, if you’re not a technology geek like us here on Bit Rebels, you will probably not read this article anyways. Oh well, at least I tried. Doh!