Kase – Instigating Innovation Into Smartphone Case Industry With World’s Thinnest Covers

Time to Bid Farewell to Bulky, Unattractive Phone Cases. Thin is definitely In whether it is personal physique or mobile phones. So, why should you keep using the clumsily designed heavy phone cases? It is certainly time to make your iPhone and Samsung devices trendier with Kase.

Kase is the pioneer in smartphone covers and with the introduction of the world’s thinnest iPhone and Samsung cases it has further established its reputation as the company representing innovation. Since its inception in 2015, the primary aim of Kase has been to offer consumers a trendy yet useful alternative to low-quality, bulky and overpriced phone cases.

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Kase – Choice Of A Smart Generation

What makes Kase different from other smartphone cases is that it is the world’s thinnest case with a diameter of only 0.35mm. Not just that, it has been created with the highest quality polypropylene material, which is extremely flexible, user-friendly and sturdy. So, when using Kase, you get the best of both worlds as you are able to use a slim and trim case without worrying about its durability.

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Get The Bling On

Kase is available in a wide range of color choices to suit your preferences. No matter which color you are looking for, there will be a Kase featuring your required color. This ultra-thin smartphone case is so flexible and ergonomically designed that it manages to maintain the phone’s original design, which a majority of phone cases fail to achieve.

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With Kase, Data Transfer Becomes Lightning Fast

Another great feature of Kase is that it comes with a dedicated charging cable, which allows you to use your phone while it is being charged easily. So, whether you need to transfer data or charge it quickly, it won’t affect your gaming session at all. Due to its innovative 90° / right angle design, the charging plug is prevented from any kind of damage, as it adds a layer of safety to the phone’s sensitive sockets. Its reinforced braided cable that supports over 5000 bend lifespan is by far the best in the market and the entire smartphone casing industry.

Kase features Apple certified 1m long, fabric stitched and braided charging cable durable enough to last for years. The case itself is sturdy enough to provide sufficient protection to your pricey smartphone while you enjoy endless gaming sessions without feeling any discomfort due to excessively heavy phone casing. Kase is as light as a feather, it doesn’t even let your fingers feel burdened, slippery or uncomfortable when using for a longer duration, which usually happens with other smartphone covers. So, what are you waiting for… Get Kase Today and Feel the Difference!

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