Keep Cool: New Active Personal Cooling System

Summers are great but they sometimes bring something with them that which we all just hate… that infamous heat that puts us all in a daze and makes us sometimes unable to function properly. First we wish that the heat would come, and then when it does, we complain about it. Isn’t that an irony? Well, that doesn’t have to be the case. There is a new little invention that has seen the light of day, and it might even become a reality for everyone on a sweaty summer day… at least it will if it is produced in a more customer friendly design.

Designer Jean-Marc Sheioyan together with the team over at Mawashi has managed to come up with a personal cooling system that will keep you cool during heat waves that you usually wouldn’t be able to bear. This little concept invention is foremost designed for the troops that are positioned in the desert. Most of the time they are not used to the extreme heat they are subject to there.

This provides a secure and simple way of escaping the heat that might draw from the soldier’s attention and focus. What makes this so interesting is the slim design. With a bit of styling, it could very well be a way for other people who are not equipped to handle heat waves to have a cooling aid. This would equip them for that heat and they would experience no discomfort whatsoever. This would be especially good for elderly people who are more sensitive to heat.