Kenmore – America’s Most Loved Refrigerators

Kenmore is the leading refrigerator manufacturer in the United States, which was established and still owned by Sears, the legendary company, in which portfolio you can find the most iconic household brands.

Kenmore was created at the beginning of the XX century and initially was focused on the production of sewing machines. But Sears saw an opportunity in the Kenmore philosophy, built on affordable pricing, and started producing various goods under the brand.

In short, the history of the brand started with a sewing machine with four drawers, sold from 1913 to 1919. The first Kenmore washing machine was introduced in 1927. The first Kenmore vacuum cleaners were presented in 1932. In 1976, Sears expanded the Kenmore portfolio to the line of refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers, which were previously manufactured under the brand Coldspot.

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The success came to Kenmore shortly after its introduction to the market, as the goods of the brand were affordable and boasted a high quality. The first visual identity design was also created in the 1920s, giving a start to the Kenmore logo history.

Today Sears is focused on the production of washing machines and refrigerators. These are two global trends that bring revenue and fame to the company. But the refrigerator is product number one for the Kenmore, the one that raised its popularity to the heights.

In 2000 the company released a series of refrigerators Kenmore Elite, which combines the best characteristics of refrigerators of the largest American and European manufacturers.

Today, the model range of fridges Kenmore presents eight standard series of fridges: fridges with the top and bottom locations of the freezer, “side-by-side”, fridges without a freezer, built-in fridges, corner refrigerators, ice makers, and freezing chests.

The best models have a built-in filter dispenser that simultaneously purifies, cools, and carbonizes the water. The temperature inside the individual sections of the refrigerator can be controlled using the touch panel control. Refrigerators are equipped with a special security system, which will inform about voltage drops and leakage of the refrigerator (for example, when the door is open).

The refrigerators of the Kenmore brand are very easy to use and maintain, so in case of any malfunction you can always check for Kenmore refrigerator error codes, and try to deal with the problem on your own, and in most cases, it will work.

In terms of design, Kenmore is also a very progressive brand, you can choose among various colors and textures, as there are options suitable for any kitchen interior and decorations.

Kenmore is the brand, which is considered to be one of the industry leaders in creating and manufacturing stylish, smart, and easy-to-use home appliances at affordable prices. And there is no surprise that the refrigerators of the American brand conquered not only the local but also a European market, becoming an iconic manufacturer of large electronic devices. Kenmore appliances are efficient, reliable, and able to make living better.

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