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These days, kids have easy access to millions of websites and hundreds of TV stations. They can easily buy or download numerous video games and apps.

At the snap of a finger, they can stream movies on their devices and watch YouTube or TikTok videos. It is now easier for them to interact socially online with friends and strangers using social media platforms.

There’s a lot of media out there, and some of it might not be appropriate for your kids, depending on their age and maturity level.

Responsible parents must protect kids from potential harm. Monitoring your children’s phone activities and messages is a significant part of that responsibility.

Fulfilling that responsibility is easier with Kids guard pro. It can track social media apps, instant messaging apps, screen time data, GPS location data, phone call logs, text messages, photos and media, harmful apps, and much more.

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What Is KidsGuard Pro?

The Kidsguard Pro is a parental monitoring app that helps parents monitor their child’s iPhone or Android smartphone. It also allows you to monitor more information on the phone of people you care about, such as contacts, calendars, notes, app activities, etc.

How To Use KidsGuard Pro

Step 1: Create Your Account For KidsGuard Pro

Register a KidsGuard Pro account by clicking the Monitor Now button. To access all advanced monitoring features, you will need to purchase a premium plan. You can choose a 1-month, 3-month, or 1-year plan. Prices will vary accordingly.

Step 2: Download The KidsGuard Pro App And Set It Up

Once you have successfully purchased our Android monitoring tool, you will be directed to the ClevGuard Member Center page. Choose My Product, then you can view and manage the corresponding order.

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2.1. Download KidsGuard Pro Assistant On The Target Android Device.

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2.2. Install KidsGuard Pro And Complete Some Settings.

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Step 3: Verify Your Setup And Start Monitoring From Your Account

Now, log into your KidsGuard Pro account once the app has been installed and configured. You will see the device name and related information if everything is set up correctly. To view the phone’s data and activities, click on Demo. Please note that the first time you sync the data from the phone to the dashboard, it will take some time.

Features Of KidsGuard Pro

Message Monitoring

Remotely monitor messages with content, recipient, timestamp, message image, and attachments. You can select and export them if you need.

Call Monitoring

Use this call monitoring software to check the call logs on others’ phones. You can see the phone numbers, names, dates, times, and call types.

Browser Monitoring

Track browser histories secretly with detailed information, including URL, visit time, titles, and frequency.

Other Data Monitoring

KidsGuard Pro also allows you to monitor more information on the phone of people you care about, such as contacts, calendars, notes, app activities, etc.

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How To Download KidsGuard Pro

Step 1: Get Your Plan for KidsGuard Pro for iOS. Here

Step 2: Follow the Setup Guide to Download and Setup The Software.

Option 1: Connect the Device with USB.

Option 2: Connect the Device over Wi-Fi.

Step 3: Start Monitoring on Your Computer.

Other Monitoring Softwares Besides Kids Guard Pro

  • Highster: 8.1
  • MobileSpy: 8.0

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