Top 3 Best In Test Parental Control Apps Of 2017 So Far

The world of Internet may seem glamorous and alluring but one cannot avoid the dangers and risks that are also associated with it. These dangers are constantly lurking over the Internet and demand our attention at all times. This can be quite challenging for the children who are addicted to their mobile phones or tablets who cannot imagine their lives without the Internet. While they think they’re making most of their lives by accessing the Internet on their mobile phones, they may also come into contact with various online dangers such as cyber predators, pornography, or cyber bullying. This is where parental control apps come in handy.

The best way to keep children away from the online dangers was to make use of the various parental control apps available in the market. These apps can help children understand the value of setting limits in a digital world while also preventing them from the online threats and keeping them away from accessing inappropriate content or communicating with strangers online.
Parental control apps might not be able to do everything but they can surely minimize the risks associated with the internet and make parents’ lives much easier than before. There are plenty of options available for you but we have listed down our picks of the best parental control apps down below. Let us see which one can be more suitable for you.

1. Shield My Teen

ShieldMyTeen is one of the best parental control apps of 2017 so far because it secures all the aspects of the internet to make digital world safe for the children. It also makes parenting effective and easy. Parents can easily monitor their children’s online activities on multiple platforms within no time and protect them from the online dangers. It helps to block all the apps and websites that are deemed inappropriate for your children.

Parents can remotely monitor their child’s digital activity from anywhere at any time. Its location tracking feature keeps them informed about their children’s whereabouts so that they’re always prepared for an emergency. With ShiedMyTeen, parents can put the safety of their children at their fingertips at all the times. Therefore, we highly recommend this parental control app.

2. Norton Family Premier

Norton Family Premier is another pick of the parental control apps. Its parental monitoring service is excellent, offering good filtering tools, informative monitoring reports about children’s online activity on their electronic devices and really helpful locating-tracking features.

However, with this monitoring app, parents won’t be able to monitor every single activity your child does on his mobile phone but with the app-monitoring, location-tracking and web-filtering features included in the app, children would constantly get reminders on how to responsibly use their mobile devices.

3. Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy particularly focuses on logging a child’s mobile activity. Parents can only block apps with this monitoring app but they won’t be able to set time limits. We picked this app because it has incredible location-tracking and geofencing features.

Parents can still receive alerts whenever the targeted device goes away from the distance they’ve set or if it is being used in the vicinity of the locations they’ve specified in the monitoring app.

Top 3 Parental Control Apps Of 2017

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