Kinect Hack: Minority Report User Interface Duplicated!

Not too long ago, it was considered the holy grail to create an exact replica of the movie Minority Report‘s awesome user interface. Until the Kinect came along, there really hasn’t been any technology for programmers and hackers to play with to recreate the hand gesture driven technology. But that is all about to change, and today is the day. If you thought Steve Jobs’ remark that a vertical touch screen is just not a comfortable approach, you might disagree when you see this new and awesome hack. Sure, it’s not a touch screen, but it does work similarly and certainly uses the same technology to some extent.

Students at MIT used Linux to program and hack the Kinect to detect and track all ten fingers and the palm of the hand. The result is a genius recreation of the Minority Report user interface that will keep being developed. As hackers continue to explore the Kinect’s possibilities, the execution will of course increase in quality and usefulness. This is a sure testament that the technology Microsoft has made available is going places.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what else will come along in the future using this technology. Along with holographic projection and the Kinect technology, I am sure something ultimately awesome will be developed. Imagine being able to interact with a holographic image or animation. That would certainly be the next revolution in the ever changing halls of technology.

Source: [Kotaku]