Kinect Hack Makes Future Navigation Just Like Minority Report!

The more I get into this new and exciting piece of technology, the more I understand what a huge impact it will have. Not only will it impact gaming, but also pretty much every area that has to do with computers. Some “hackers” have prompted that the technology behind the Kinect is significantly more simple than previously expected. However, with this “simple” technology, there is a lot of potential. And, when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. In the short period of time since it was released, there has been hack upon hack released to showcase its potential and more.

The people over at Wolfgang Herfurtner have certainly had their hands full since the Kinect was released. They created a hack that takes Windows 7 into a whole new dimension. The user interface is entirely gesture controlled, and it will bring a tad of that Minority Report to your screen that you have always looked forward to since you saw the movie.

The technique is especially useful when navigating the streets of a 3D generated city. You will have full control over the movement and zoom when looking for a restaurant or an address to one of your friends. It’s truly the next thing in user interfaces, and I for one can’t wait to try it out. Now that Microsoft has the technology, I am sure they will utilize it in every area they are working on. Let the future begin…