L-INK Poster Becomes A Bright Shining Lamp When Folded

Sometimes the best innovation is the innovation that brings several uses all packed into one device. That sentence might not make any sense to you right now, but once you check out what Jean-Sebastien Lagrange in collaboration with the French design studio Chevalvert created, you’re going to understand what it all means. Their collaboration resulted in a little cool “device” called L-INK, and it is a poster and a lamp all rolled into one.

When you think of a poster, you probably think of one of those paper pictures you put on your wall as a teenager, right? Well, that is exactly what this is (is there anything other than that?). The thing is, this L-INK poster has a trick up its sleeve that I think will impress you. When in it’s in an “idle” state, the L-INK poster is a futuristic looking poster that you can hang on your wall and feel like you’re a citizen of the digital domain. But it’s when you take the bottom right corner and pull it to the center, that is when the real innovation is revealed.

Like I said, the L-INK poster is not only a poster, but a also a lamp. The image in itself is made up of conductive ink that when connected to an energy source will turn on the lamp if the circuit is complete. It also has a magnet located at both locations to make sure the poster, when rolled up, stays that way and becomes a pretty neat light source. The L-INK is lit up by LEDs located near the bottom of the poster and will only light up when the conductive ink circuit is complete.

I know it’s a bummer, but the L-INK is not a consumers product just yet. So far it’s only on display at the Biennale Saint-Étienne until the end of the month, but with the right response, I am sure the innovators would love for it to become a product that anyone could buy.

L-INK Poster Lamp – Innovative Light Source

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Via: [psfk]