Lacie Float: Hard Drives Now Get A Touch Surface Trackpad

Technology is a wonderful thing when it works. When it messes up, then it’s pretty much the worst thing that can happen to you… if you’re a geek that is. The more time that is spent on developing a certain device, the more stable it will be, and thus more useful. The constant re-design of things that have already been popular for quite some time is not to milk the market of money, it’s to assure you that the product and its use will be kept updated and fresh. Sure, I admit that Apple has a way of milking the market with their way of adding features that have been on the market on other devices for years before they implement it. But as always, it doesn’t show that they are doing anything bad, just that they are good at marketing their products.

So in the spirit of re-designing something that we’ve all been using for years and years, André Silva had an idea that is not only truly useful for people with laptops and mobile devices, but that also breathes a breath of fresh air into the hard drive market. The concept is simple but powerful, and if implemented, it could mean we no longer need our trackpads, sort of.

Lacie Float is a concept project that re-designed the hard drive into a multi-touch trackpad for you to browse, navigate and control your devices right on top of the case of the hard drive itself. With the now ordinary swipe, flick and pinch finger gestures, you will be able to locate your files that are stored on the hard drive and also use the hard drive trackpad as an overall mouse mover. It’s brilliant, easy and flexible.