Latest Security Solution Trends

Advances in technology are expanding opportunities for improved security solutions. The move from analog video surveillance systems to digital video has effectively made closed video systems and devices obsolete and ineffective.

Nowadays, the growing need for speed, expanded processing power, and storage capabilities is dictating its own rules. Hence, the contemporary security market needs new means of technologies and equipment to provide people with a sense of comfort.

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Why Do We Need Modernized Convergent Security Systems?

According to the statistics, in recent years there has been recorded 14.9% more security solutions. Futuristic technologies such as CCTV cameras, biometric access devices, RFID systems, software for facial and retinal recognition, etc., play an important role in creating reliable systems used in various industries. What are the other reasons for choosing these services?

Firstly, the main focus in security and video surveillance is the development of software that allows target systems to run faster, smarter, and more stable. Secondly, CCTV cameras have become much smaller over the past ten years, and the video quality is much better, enabling to record a 4K-resolution. Eventually, all these changes and novelties have brought about a significant advantage to S&S market. That’s why Invision Security Group strives to combine your security with the last technical tendencies to offer the best service and prices.

Which New Trends Will Be Introduced By Security Installers?

Over the past few years, there have been so many advances in security and video surveillance – from higher-resolution video cameras to combining camera systems into a single network and adding machine intelligence learning capabilities (identifying a specific person not only by face, but also by gait, height, complexion), not to mention the very proliferation of camcorders.

Three key tendencies that are currently evolving in the security corporation are:

  • AI-enabled systems – the key to keeping video surveillance systems responsive in real-time. Through machine learning, for example, systems can be trained and adapted to detect nuances and differences in patterns, shapes, colors, sounds, vibrations, and temperatures that are critical for identifying real-world problems.
  • Deep learning, which empowers AI by analyzing video data to extract valuable information. This is an intensive process: Effective deep learning requires higher processing power and can take thousands of hours of “learning” using real-world video to discern a single pattern of human behavior.
  • End-to-end surveillance perspective. The location of the data is also crucial, as long as large amounts of records are aggregated in the cloud to collect more information and analyze it.

In the past, the recorded video was used mainly for forensics. Today, it’s clear that with technology innovation, the security solution company creates tools that can help take action in real time during emergencies or other situations.

Benefits Of Choosing Electronic Security Corporation

Previously, most security systems were autonomous, working independently when recording a video or provoking alarm signal. Though then it became clear that these functions have to be combined in one operating system called convergence. So, a lot of enterprise end-users face new challenges to enhance or update security solutions. The number of cameras and functionality of new video security systems continues to grow and this is very good news!

There are many technologies available to meet the needs of any customer and are within budget. Moreover, the data collected can be used to generate more actionable information. The main question is to determine the goals that you need to handle with the help of the video: whether the cameras will be used for:

  • general surveillance;
  • “situational awareness”;
  • specific purposes such as identifying documents, recognizing faces, or license plates.

A good video camera system must be able to identify a specific person, determine the license plate of a prohibited vehicle or operate in changing lighting conditions, only at night or specifically after the motion sensors are triggered – in each of these cases, a team of professional security installers chooses a different configuration for each client to fit all their demands.

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