The Lawn That Will Make Your Neighbors Jealous

Professional gardeners know how to grow a beautiful lawn with the right methods, tools, and materials. Even though you’ve spent a lot of time and effort caring for the sward in the countryside, you still have not achieved the perfect result. Since a lawn that does not require extra care has not yet been invented, we invite you to study these five secrets to grow it with your own hands.

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1. Mow It Frequently With Sharpened Blades

If your dream is a perfect lawn, then the key to achieving it is frequent mowing, which makes the grass thicker and prevents the emergence of weeds. Make sure the mower blades are well sharpened. Otherwise, the grass will look sloppy and vulnerable to disease. It is possible to determine that the blade is blunted by the quality of the work of the mower: if the grass is not cut but chopped off, it means that the edge requires sharpening.

To be sure of a high-quality result, it is worth paying attention to the selection of the mower. For instance, the John Deere mower models from can do this job for you.

2. Use The Mulching Function

Leave cut grass particles on the lawn after mowing. In this case, you can not only avoid using the grass catcher, but you can also fertilize the soil with these particles. If you mow the grass often, the cut particles will be short and small, which means they will be easily absorbed by the soil and the grass will not look sloppy.

3. Water Abundantly But Not Very Often

The biggest mistake most lawn owners make is over-watering, which causes excess growing. Frequent watering prevents the roots from going deep into the soil and is also a waste of water. Instead, it is better to water the lawn rarely but abundantly and be careful if the grass needs additional watering.

4. Don’t Overdo With Fertilizers

There is a misconception that it is impossible to grow a lawn with your own hands and give the grass a beautiful juicy color without using as much fertilizer as possible. However, this is not the case at all. Excessive fertilization will cause the grass to grow quickly, and you will have to mow the grass more often. In general, no chemicals will help you grow your perfect lawn.

5. Grow Thick Grass So The Weeds Won’t Appear

An ideal lawn, of course, should be free of weeds and diseases: it should only have thick, bright, and strong grass. If there are few weeds on your lawn, pull them out by hand or use a root remover.

There won’t be any weed problems. If all this seems too complicated for you, then you will have to give up the dream of growing a lawn with your own hands, and you can try artificial grass in Woodbridge, VA alternative. Otherwise, the above steps will come in handy.

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