LCD Enhanced Engagement Ring Box To Ensure A Yes!

Many times we forget that the packaging of something we want to give away is absolutely as important as the content of the present. In some cases, it can even be more important since it is what will set the mood for the gift process as a whole. It might sound geeky to talk about these things like your life depended on it, but imagine if you had the most special and beautiful engagement ring and just shoved it over in a paper box or container.

A moment like that has to be more special than anything since it will be remembered until the end of time. At least it will for you and your girl…unless you break up or get divorced of course, but that’s another article. That moment should be kept sacred and should be treated that way, don’t you think?

Well, this video LCD enhanced box, that you can buy for only £80.71 over at KJ Global Ltd. is something that I am sure your girl has never before seen or had given to her before. It has a memory of 128 MB and let’s you add a short movie to be displayed when the box is opened. Put your intro phrase there to set the mood, or just be creative and make it personal. It’s all up to you. I can’t imagine any girl having second thoughts about your proposal if the box is of this scale. Don’t forget though that the ring has to be so much more special, otherwise the only thing you will be proving to your girl is that you’re a geek. Although, if you are prepared to propose to her, she probably already knows that.