LED Smiles: Turn Your Teeth Into a Mouthful of Technology

I remember last month when I wrote about these LED eyelashes because they were wild and wacky, and you know how much I love the stuff that makes you go, “Whaaaaaaat?” Well here we go again with another piece of the puzzle…

In the old days, when we wanted to coordinate what we were wearing, we would match colors. But hello… it’s 2011, and matching colors is so 2010. Now apparently the trend is to match your technology instead.  Next time you decide to put on your LED eyelashes, how about complete the look with an LED smile?

That’s right, now you can light up your whole mouth and walk around outside at night looking like a true cyborg. This was featured in the New York Times three days ago, and ever since, the Internet is buzzing with people everywhere who can’t wait to wirelessly flash different bright colors in their mouths with their computer.

These are designed by Motoi Ishibashi and Daito Manabe, and as if you couldn’t guess, they are inspired by LED throwies. You cannot buy these as of right now. However, if you live in Japan, the designers are currently traveling around teaching workshops to show people how to make their own. A few of the pics below are from one of those workshops. Are they disturbing? Yes. Are they entertaining? Hell yes. Would I put these in my mouth? You don’t even have to ask.

Brighten your smile with LED

Brighten your smile with LED

Brighten your smile with LED