LEGO 3D Scanner: Bringing Real Objects Into A 3D World!

I have many times wondered how LEGO came to be. Someone must have been dying to be able to put together really complex builds and decided to create some tools to do it. Yeah, it’s a simple explanation to an invention, and I am probably miles away from pinpointing it’s birth reasons. LEGO is just the coolest way of teaching yourself to solve problems and to see a three dimensional solution. The builds we have covered here on Bit Rebels have always been complex and amazing, but never as technologically fantastic as the one I am going to show you right now.

It’s a 3D scanner entirely (almost) created out of LEGO. And don’t be fooled, it actually really works. When I first saw this video, I was amazed by the simplicity. If I had a list of what parts were needed, I would totally get myself a working model. I would scan pretty much everything around me.

The build is done by the brilliant builder and programmer Phillipe Hurbaine who created the software as well as the build himself. The detail this puppy grabs is just amazing, and if he could only come up with a way to rotate the object 360 degrees on the x-axis, this thing would totally be the most awesome LEGO build I have ever seen. Amazing work Phillipe! Props!