LEGO, Glass & Apple Styled Custom Snowboards [Videos]

How many of you awesome people enjoy snowboarding? The rad and sometimes quirky boards available are becoming ever more customized. Having a board that you can identify with is of course every snowboarders primary goal when they go shopping for a new one. Not only that though, but a board needs to stand out when in the slope or the half pipe. How do you go about finding the most radical and unique custom snowboards out there?

If you’re desperate to find the latest and coolest custom snowboards to trick out with, you should definitely have a look at what the people at Signal Snowboards are doing. They have a proven record of creating custom snowboards that no one has ever seen before. I mean, we’re talking about all tricked out and pimped custom snowboards that you will be the only one riding, no matter where you are really.

How about a few examples? Have a look at these three latest creations they’ve put into existence. They documented the whole process of making each one of these, and they are continuously making new ones every three weeks. As a matter of fact, they call the series Every Third Thursday, and that’s when they share some badass custom snowboards with the world. Some might not be the most durable, but they are definitely a breed of their own.

How about a LEGO snowboard for example? Or why not a glass or an iSnowboard (which is really called the iShred snowboard). They are about the coolest boards I have seen to date. Don’t ask me to choose my favorite because any one of these are my favorite. The glass one is probably the fastest one in the bunch. Then comes the Apple snowboard which incorporates an iPad and a light up Signal logo. The LEGO one isn’t too bad either, but it is probably the “easiest” one to make out them.

Check out each of these videos and soak in the coolness and the uniqueness of each of these custom snowboards. They are certainly a breed of their own. Some kickass craftsmanship for sure! (If you Signal Snowboards guys see this, I really want an “Apple” snowboard with a brightly shining Bit Rebels logo on it. Badass!)

Signal Snowboards’ Awesome Custom Snowboards



Via: [UFunk – French]