Lego Prosthetic Arm: A Miracle Remade

As if the Lego block itself wasn’t awesome enough, there are mammoth builds revealed on a daily basis. We have gone through all this before, and I don’t think I have to say that Lego really is the solution to everything. When it comes to creativity, it is certainly the most versatile toy ever created. I am sure we couldn’t even begin to count the number of children who started out playing with Lego only to become great architects, scientists and technology innovators when they eventually grew up. It’s a toy that will spark a lifelong love for innovation and building, and if you have ever lost yourself in the play then you know what I mean.

However, Lego has a whole other useful area as well, and that is to mock up inventions in order to weather out the bugs and implement workarounds. It’s also a way to understand the intricate design behind technology that becomes the groundwork for many of the gadgets out there. Max Sheperd decided to undertake one of the most intricate builds ever as far as I can recall. He ventured into the land of creativity and started building what would later become a 1:1 scale prosthetic Lego arm.

You might think it was a quick build and that it can’t be as awesome as all those movie robot prosthetic arms that we have seen in movies such as Terminator for example. Well, this one is even better. It’s almost hard to believe that this thing is entirely made out of Lego bits and bolts. As you can see from the video clip included, it is for real and could easily be the most jaw-breaking Lego build ever. This guy certainly has some skills, and I am sure that he could manage to build the first upright standing Lego cyborg if he had the money and the energy to put into it. Amazement to follow!


Via: [DVICE]