French Artist Gets A Prosthetic Arm That’s A Tattoo Machine

Some people defy their very own handicap and show us that nothing is impossible. Not only is it impressive but it also shows you that there are no excuses why you should not pursue the things you dream about. Just have a look at French tattoo artist JC Sheitan Tenet who excel in his profession despite the fact that he lost his arm 22 years ago. There are always ways around obstacles and for JC it was never a question why he shouldn’t become a renowned tattoo artist. His solution was a prosthetic arm that is a tattoo machine.

With a slight steampunk feel to it, the prosthetic tattoo machine is one of the coolest prosthetics we have ever covered here on Bit Rebels. Who wouldn’t want to get an impressive tattoo done by an augmented professional tattoo artist, right? It’s just badass! Even better than getting a tattoo done by an automated tattoo device!

The prosthetic arm is actually a modified version of a regular prosthetic arm, but it is the ultimate tool when inking a beautiful piece of art. If your friends think their tattoos are special and you have one or a couple done by JC, you know you have bragging rights. If they don’t believe you, just send them to JC and I am sure he’ll show them a thing or two about how it’s all done.

It’s hard to beat the awesomeness of the augmentation that JC has been able to apply to himself. First off, the thing looks amazing and probably is a really good ice breaker when a person is a little worried about pain and all that jazz. No doubt is it a customer magnet as well. It just has to be, right?

Have a look at JC’s one-of-a-kind prosthetic arm tattoo machine and marvel over the precision JC is able to apply when he is working on a new tattoo. Utterly amazing and humbling. This guy is going places, there’s no doubt about it.

Incredible Prosthetic Arm Tattoo Machine

Prosthetic Arm Tattoo Machine

Prosthetic Arm Tattoo Machine

Prosthetic Arm Tattoo Machine