Lenticular Printing Tech Creates Secret Message For Abused Children

This street sign, which has gone viral, has a secret message in it that only children can see. It’s everywhere online it seems, and it definitely deserves a place here on Bit Rebels too. Child abuse is such a heartbreaking epidemic, as is the fact that 70% of abused children turn into adult abusers. This is a street sign in Spain that will hopefully help abused children get the support they need in a private and confidential way. It was made possible with lenticular printing technology.

Lenticular printing technology is often used for 3D displays and displays where an illusion of depth is needed. It is also used on displays to change the look of an image if it’s viewed from a different perspective. You’ve probably seen signs that use this type of technology, but this is the first time I’ve seen it used for such a good cause.

This street sign is designed to help abused children even if they are in the company of their abuser. If an adult looks at this street sign, they will see a generic message about child abuse. If a child looks at this street sign (or anyone under 4’5” tall – which is the average height of a 10-year-old boy), the child will see the bruises on the child’s face, the secret message and phone number to call for help.

Although this use of lenticular printing is brilliant, I can’t help but wonder if children will be afraid that the adult saw them looking at the sign since the children won’t realize that the adult can’t see what they see, if that makes sense. Also, what about children that are too young to read? Either way, I hope this particular sign helps some abused children in the part of Spain where it is located. I can suddenly think of all kinds of other ways marketers might use lenticular printing technology…

Lenticular Printing On Street Sign For Abused Children




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