Let It Snow: Google’s Fun Little Trick Will Make You Smile

This is so much fun! The Internet was blowing up yesterday about this new Google Easter Egg, and if you missed it, you’ve just gotta try it. It’s great for a little 30-second break in your day. In a way, it’s a little nostalgic since it reminds me of that old television I used to have. We used to call those fuzzies on the screen “snow.”

I admit, after almost puking from the last Google trick I tried (the do a barrel roll), I was hesitant to try this one. It’s completely harmless though, and really creative. I probably think it’s fun since it was 70 degrees a few days ago here in Atlanta. This Google trick is the closest we’re going to get to a white Christmas.

If you’d like to try it, just type “let it snow” into Google. Your computer screen will turn into a wonderful winter wonderland. After a few seconds, it will completely ice over with snow. At that point, you can either click “defrost,” or you can play in the snow and draw pictures (like I did below). If you’d like to try some other Google tricks, click over to this article in the L.A. Times which has 5 more fun ways to let Google put a big smile on your face today.

New Google Easter Egg

New Google Easter Egg

New Google Easter Egg

Via: [Technabob] [PC Mag]