Let There Be Light – Lamp Design Inspiration

Do you like decorating your house or even just your room? There are so many things that we can do to spruce up our living space. Some people buy all new furniture, others take the approach of redecorating on a room-per-room basis. I remember the time last year when we were forced to buy new furniture for our living and dining room because of the typhoon and flooding that we experienced. All our stuff got soaked in flood water.

No matter what your reasons are for changing the look of your home, one thing to definitely consider is the type of lighting you install. I think this is one of the most important aspects since the lighting truly makes a big difference. My room, for instance, has two different types of lighting. I have yellow light and white light. Believe me, each one alters the setting. Not only is the type of light important, it is also cool to consider the type of lamp designs. There are now so many designers out there who have created fantastic and amazing lamps. I found some and decided to feature them here. Which one do you like?

Bakelite Lamp

Chalkboard Pendant Lamp

Square Oak Lamp

Cloud Mood Light

Rainbow Mood Light

Milk Bottle Lamp