The DIY Doggy Geek Lamp – Let Your Dog Shine

I have long been a fan of home electronics hobby stuff. This doesn’t mean; however, that I am anywhere near being able to build anything other than software stuff on my computer. When it comes to hardware, I know everything in and out on a computer, but that pretty much it. To me, everything else is like reading a new language for the very first time. However, I still have dreams about one day being able to maneuver the electronics of a hobby build.

Maybe it would be a good thing to start with something real easy then. That’s what I think designer David Zhang has been able to pull together. His idea is a truly geeky yet interesting design of a doggy lamp that also serves as a rad pencil and pen holder. Everything is carefully cut out of a lightweight wood.

It’s geektastically put together with a few screws and some cords that go into their respective places. That’s pretty much it really. Then all you have to do is to put that lamp bulb in there and push the ‘on’ button. Let there be light. It’s simple, fun and quite geeky as well. Once I get enough room (after tiding up) at the office, I will definitely make sure to fill it with stuff like this that is geeky, nerdy and pretty much every other word that is complimentary for a guy or a girl that is all about the homegrown hacker culture. Let there be geeks!