Flexible Batteries For Future Flexible Devices Now Produced By LG Chem

It’s not the first time we feature innovation around flexible batteries here on Bit Rebels. Not too long ago we featured several different prototypes and approaches to make this seemingly mythical energy source possible. It seems the first company to actually start manufacturing these flexible batteries was LG. Their LG Chem division recently announced they would start mass production of flexible batteries in different shapes, and forms to be fitted in all kinds of devices.

It has long been a concern to developers and manufacturers that even though they are able to create a flexible display, the problem is still to add a flexible battery to the device in order to make it completely flexible. That is no longer going to be a problem as these new flexible batteries from LG Chem can be created in pretty much any shape or form necessary.

On the 7th of October, LG Chem made the impressive announcement that the flexible batteries they had been working on for quite some time would be used in future bendable and flexible smartphones and smartwatches from LG. It is a remarkable development as companies have been trying to solve this problem for a number of years. Some have come close, and some I am sure, have already solved it but don’t want to share their innovative breakthroughs.

LG Chem demonstrated their flexible battery in the form of a twirled string, dubbed the Cable Battery, which could even be submerged into water and still function as intended. It is said that the density in the battery itself increased its capacity by 16%. This means that by LG smartphone standards, it would mean an increase in 3 hours of battery life. This is, in fact, due to “dead space”, which due to round components in the smartphone can be utilized by a flexible battery instead.

Batteries like this will definitely have an impact on all mobile devices in the future. Not only because of the increased battery life, but also because it can be implemented in devices that no longer have to sport a conventional design.

LG Chem’s Groundbreaking Flexible Batteries

LG Chem Flexible Batteries

LG Chem Flexible Batteries