LifeProof iPhone Case: Protects Your iPhone From Life

I think this might be one of the most practical and useful iPhone cases I’ve ever seen. After learning about this, I’ve decided I need a LifeProof case not only for my iPhone, but for me too. How cool would it be to put on a cover that would protect us from anything life throws at us?

This iPhone case will protect your phone from water (swimming pools, rain, fish tanks), dirt (scum, mud, sand, dust), snow (ice, sleet, slush) and shock (drops on concrete, knocks, tumbles down the stairs). Not only will it protect your iPhone, as you’ll see in the video below, it will also allow you to record video and take pictures while it’s underwater or mixed up in sand.

Since I’m one of those people who has to get a new phone every few months because I’m so rough on them, this truly would be a lifesaver for my phone. According to the iPhone Guru, the case is made from “a tough polycarbonate frame with a scratch-resistant waterproof screen protector and a shock absorbing elastomer.” It is made to meet military specifications. The crazy thing to me is that this case is incredibly thin. It’s only 10.8mm thick, which is only 1.3mm thicker than the actual iPhone.

Hmm… with this iPhone case, I might actually be able to keep the same phone for two years until it’s time to upgrade. They also make one of these for the iPad. They are working on creating ones for Android and Blackberry phones as well. Nice! You can pre-order your own for 70 bucks at LifeProof.

Military Specification iPhone Case

Military Grade iPhone Case

Military Grade iPhone Case

Via: [Cool Shit You Can Buy]