High Tech Rain Boots Take Dancing In The Rain To A Whole New Level

Have you ever been dancing in the rain? I mean r-e-a-l-l-y dancing in the rain? I haven’t, but I would if I had these high tech rain boots. When I first read about these this morning, I thought they were the best rain boots I’d ever seen. Then I read that only ten pairs were made (I think they are a promotional kind of thing). So I guess only ten people in the world will get to experience dancing in the rain with these yellow wellies.

These are called the Bloom FM Bluetooth Wellies (created by a collaboration between Bloom.fm and Firebox). Each one of these rubber Bluetooth enabled rain boots has a high quality waterproof wireless speaker attached to one side of the boot, and a waterproof pouch (to store your smartphone, music device or other goodies) on the other side of the boot.

They come with a six month full subscription to Bloom’s catalog of over 18 million songs. There is a mini-USB cable that can be plugged in so you can charge the speakers, and they will last for 5 hours per charge. That’s a lot of dancing in the rain! If you ever wanted to get a special pair of wellies for the techie in your life, these are the ones. At the time I’m writing this, they are still available. My guess is that within a few days all ten pairs will be sold. You can find them here on Firebox.

If you want to see another interesting pair of high tech footwear, you can check out these Air Conditioned Shoes. Yep, it’s a pair of shoes with a mini-air conditioner built into the soles so it’s constantly blowing cool air on your hot, sweaty feet. What will they think of next?

Dancing In The Rain Just Became Even More Fun

Only 10 pairs of these were made (like in the whole universe)
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Via: [Gizmodiva]