Light Bedazzled Cell Phone: Every Girl’s Dream!

As you guys know, we have covered several new cell phone designs here at Bit Rebels, and we’re not about to stop anytime soon. They come in all shapes and sizes but never before have I been able to write an article about a cell phone that is actually coming into stores quite soon (except for the iPhone). It’s a new cell phone, and it is was created for the girls and their need for bedazzled accessories.

Designer Hironao Tsuboi for IIDA has come up with a phone that is not only unique but really cool looking. It will be released in Japan soon (to begin with), and as we know, everything over there is high tech and shines up with lights, it seems. This is no exception.

The phone’s outer surface is riddled with triangles that light up in different colors. Since each triangle lights up in several colors, it’s absolutely amazing in the dark. If you thought you’d seen a lot of neon lights in New Your City, then you should see a club in Japan after this phone is released. It will make the whole thing look like something taken out of A.I. (the only movie that Mr. Spielberg made that people didn’t like). So for all you girls out there, is this something that you would consider buying or is our culture just too mellow for it? You decide.