Limited Designer Flash Drives Meet Batman, Superman, Etc.

Flash drives have become one of the most customized computer accessories that we have seen since… well, ever! I wrote a huge piece on my other website a while ago where I listed the most creative and insane flash drives to date, and since then, it has generated quite a following. However, that was a long time ago and time changes and designs get more sophisticated and refined.

Today we can’t even go into a store, it doesn’t really matter what kind of store it is, without stumbling across a series of flash drives for our computer. We do have a huge need for storage space, that’s for sure, but as the storage capacity grows, I think we’ll buy less flash drives. Well, here’s where the weird equation really starts. Every day the storage capacity grows on our gadgets, but every day the storage needed to store a single file also increases, so if we are buying less flash drives because of the increase in storage capacity, then we’re certainly starting to meet the limit of what we produce that needs to be stored.

Mimobot, the exclusive designer USB flash drive seller, has released the first series in a line of DC Comics character based USB flash drives. The first series is Batman which features Batman, Robin, The Joker and Catwoman, but Mimobot will also release Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern later in February. Make sure to mark you calendar cause this is a one time only offer.

The series will be produced in a 5,000 piece batch and will become collectors pieces I am sure. The price for each of these USB flash drives is between $19.95 and $59.95 and carries between 2GB-16GB, but that’s a small price to pay for some of the coolest collectors items you can get a hold of. I am sure these will become as valuable as some of those action heroes that today are worth thousands of dollars. Geektastic!